Rumor says iPhone 6 will Come with Solar Charging based Sapphire Glass


iPhone6Last November there was a rumor about Apple investing in the US Sapphire glass plant, and then another rumor was iPhone 6 featuring a display based on the Sapphire glass. Apple is known for its innovative technology so it would not be a surprise, if in the near future, we will see a glass screen made of Sapphire glass in the iPhone 6.

Analysis by Matt Margolis

A Seeking Alpha analyst Matt Margolis is expecting that the sapphire glass screen could be charged by the solar power and would be included in the upcoming iPhone 6.  The best thing about solar-charging technology is that it would enhance the battery life of iPhone to a greater extent.

Is it a Rumor or Reality?

Well, all can be clear only when the product will come in the market. Nevertheless, speculations can be made as over the past years Margolis has supported this news by accounting various patents and events Margolis has also concluded that the screen based on the Sapphire glass will be incorporated solar cells and this new plant will be located in Arizona.

Along with Apple iWatch iPhone 6 is expected to arrive in the market in September. The gadget is also rumored for featuring a display of 4.8 inch.

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