Rumor Suggests September 9 to be iPhone 6 Release Date


iphone 6Nowhere Else, a French technology blog, published what it claims to be part of the packaging of Apple iPhone 6, the latest smartphone from Apple. Usually, the launch dates are mentioned on such packaging. Based on the image, which incidentally is unconfirmed image of the iPhone 6’s packaging, the launch date is September 9, 2014, which is Tuesday.  Rumor has it that the packaging is likely to be white.

Features and Specifications

For starters, the wake/sleep feature is located on the top of the device towards the right. This is unlike iPhone 5s, in which this button is on the phone’s top edge. Based on the images, these devices may have 4.7 inch display with considerably high screen resolution.

The USB cable that is reversible is included with the smart phone. This cable can prolong the battery life. The body is slim, and it runs on Apple’s iOS 8 operating system. Though specifications are yet to be confirmed, market expects these gadgets to have 128 GB internal memory.


There are rumors that Apple will be introducing iPhone 6 in two sizes. Larger of these would have a 5.5 inches screen, which is why it is referred to as phablet. It may be referred to as iPhone 6L eventually. Rumor suggests that scratch proof, strong sapphire glass will be given in this device. Much depends upon how the product is priced.

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