Rumors about Apple’s iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 Puts Buyers in Dilemma


Aplle iPhone 7Christmas shopping invariably is good news for gadgets market, especially the period starting from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. This year though, buyers have been in two minds, primarily because of impending devices to be released by Apple in 2015. Many are opting for something other than smartphone as their Christmas present.

Rumors about iPhone 6S

There are speculations that Apple will be launching 2 new devices within first four months of 2015. One of these would be the smartwatch, and the other would be a smartphone which has been Christened as iPhone 6S by the market. It may be recalled that Apple released iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 on 2014 September. In fact, even in the previous years, Apple has been launching its devices in the last four months of the year. This is the reason people are not too sure about the launch date of the two new devices.

Market’s Expectations about iPhone 7

It is more of wishful thinking on the part of people, but Apple might well think of using superior camera technology belonging to Sony in iPhone 6S. By collaborating with Sony, Apple could offer DSLR quality cameras in its device. Sapphire glass cover is a foregone conclusion in iPhone 6S or at least in iPhone 7 which the market expects will arrive in July, August and September quarter of 2015. The camera in this device is supposed to be 21 Megapixels. Considering that Apple’s iPhone 6 has only an 8 MP camera, this is a huge improvement in feature.

It would be better for the companies to either acknowledge or deny the rumored features. That way those who expect more are not disappointed. Considering that people would miss out on the festival discounts waiting for a device which might not offer them anything new, companies like Apple would be better off accepting or denying the truth so that gadgets lovers are able to find the right device suiting their needs at reasonable price.

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