Rumors come true: T-Mobile unveils the new Samsung galaxy SIII


Last year we heard rumors of the new Galaxy SIII switch over color and soon after T-Mobile has launched the Samsung Galaxy with a new look- the color is Titanium Gray.

Titanium Gray from Pebble Blue-marble white

Yes, the pebble blue-marble white model of the past will be replaced by Titanium gray in the 16GB models. Well, the 32GB model in pebble blue will still be in the market, but still the new tinge is surely going to attract more people, especially since the price has been maintained the same.

Hardware will remain the same

There is a difference only in color, and the rest of the handset still works on the same hardware-meaning Dual core processor, 2GB memory, Android Jellybean OS, Touch Wiz interface and super LED HD display. Two cameras will still be there- 1.3MP in the front and 8MP, in the back.

The official website sports all the three colors of the gadget till now, but as soon as the two former colors will be out of stock, they will be out of the market. So, hurry up for purchasing the pebble blue16 GB Samsung Galaxy SIII until it will be out of stock.

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