Rumors Say iPhone 6 may have Bigger, More Sensitive and Harder Touch Screen


iPhone 6There is no end to speculations about iPhone 6’s features. This device is due to arrive in 2014, most probably in the summer. Apple has already announced a few features. This has not stopped people to include some of their expectations into the device.

Great Expectations

Gadgets world, including Bloomberg, is now concluding that iPhone 6 glass screen will have curvature, which will be more sensitive to pressure. Such heightened sensitivity to pressure will enable people to write with a stylus or take notes with their fingers. It will also allow people to differentiate between dark and light drawings. This would be first of its kind feature if included in iPhone 6.

In addition, there is an expectation that the diagonal length of this phone’s screen will be anywhere between 4.7 inches and 6 inches. There are no smartphones with that large a screen as of now.

Curved Glass and Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs did fancy curved glass, and perhaps that would now form part of these gadgets this time. Sapphire glass may be used to give the screen required strength. Larger and superior touch screen will put iPhone once again in the league of other smartphones such as Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3. Wider and scratchproof as well as almost unbreakable screen, if indeed present in these devices, would increase the device’s market share overnight, provided Apple is able to get its act together on the pricing front.

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