Rumors Say Moto X+1 coming with 5.2-inch 1080p Display


Moto X+1Gadget’s world is speculating about features that may form part of Moto X+1. Last year Motorola released Moto X, which received thumbs up from the market. But there is always room for perfection.

Upgraded Features of Moto X+1

The drawback of Moto X was its display resolution. It included touchless control, which was much appreciated by the market. Now, if rumors are to be believed, Moto X+1 may have a 5.2 inch screen instead of 4.7 inch screen of its predecessor. So, it may have a larger display than its predecessor. Resolution is being stepped up as well. It may have 1080p AMOLED against 720 AMOLED.

Advantage AMOLED has is that it lights up all pixels. The market expects the company to provide advanced processor such as Snapdragon 801. It expects a RAM of approximately 2 or 3 GB, apart from storage of 32 GB. Whether it would have a slot for microSD card to extend that storage memory remains to be seen.


It is not clear whether the company would be offering customized versions of the new device as it has been doing with its predecessor. Motorola is shutting down its plant in Texas, which was where customized versions of Moto X were built.

Specifications of Moto X+1 are too close for comfort to Moto X. Ability to personalize Moto X gave it a big advantage. Existing smartphone users are not likely to shift from their devices since both these products are not exactly high end varieties. There are few new users out there, since smartphone market is saturating rather fast. It would indeed be a mistake to bring the product out close on heels to Moto X.

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