Samsung Epic Touch 4G: A possible contender for the iPhone?


The iPhone has been the benchmark for many mobile phones out there and it is safe to say that a lot of these phones have better specifications than the iPhone but sometimes, it may be the hardware that puts people off. The iOS is, to a lot of people, better in many ways because it is easy to use and looks better in a way. However, Samsung has released with a new 4G phone called the Epic Touch. Could this phone possibly be another contender for the iPhone?

First of all, it is very noticeable that the Epic Touch 4G has a big screen. In fact, it has a size of 4.52-inch which is a lot bigger than most phones nowadays. However, it is quite thin as well as lightweight which makes it suitable to be put inside the pocket and not feel disturbed by it.

Sporting a 1.2GHz dual-core processor makes it extremely fast as well. The Super AMOLED screen would definitely leave anyone that looks at it mesmerize for its impeccable quality. Available at $200 for a 2-years contract with Sprint, it isn’t too expensive either and in fact, is a bit cheaper than the iPhone as well. A phone like this would be well worth to have.

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