Samsung Galaxy Nexus for ICS update

Good news for those who have been waiting to get their hands on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich as Google has officially announced that the new Samsung Nexus S smartphone will have the new Android operating system.

The Testing Phase

A Google developer recently posted that he just got Ice-Cream Sandwich update on his Nexus S and it is working great! There is a high possibility that everyone will like it. It’s actually in the testing phase; so the developers are testing it further just to make sure it is delivered in the best manner. Users who have been using a single core processor, this update is going to come as a surprise package for all of them and surely, it will boost their hopes as well.

ICS Upgrade for other Handsets

It’s good to see that the owners of old devices are getting updates and emphasis is being laid out on upgrading older devices.

Also, a lot more vendors have declared that soon their handsets will get an upgrade to ICS including HTC, LG, Samsung as well as Sony Ericsso

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