Samsung Galaxy S II sells for $2, given “Phone of the year award”


The Samsung Galaxy S II is the company’s best phone but is the $2 pricetag really appropriate? Samsung seem to think so. The company is giving out 10 Samsung Galaxy S II every day at the ridiculous price of $2 in a store two doors down the Apple store in Sydney, Australia. The marketing strategy seems to be working though because there is no instance on which the phone was not sold out during the first few hours.

The store in Sydney was rented to promote the release of the Galaxy S II in the region as well as to introduce of a service called the Music Hub made by the company themselves. Music Hub is an online music subscription service on which the subscribers can have unlimited access to music at a cost of only $9.99 a month, cheaper than the cost of an album.

In related news, the Samsung Galaxy S II was also given the “Phone of the year” award T3 magazine by in the United Kingdom. This was the first time that a manufacturer other than Apple or HTC was given the award. This proves how credible the phone is in the eyes of even the expert of the subject.

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