Samsung Galaxy S III Not to Have Quad-Core CPU in US


The Galaxy S III may not have the much-hyped quad core processor when it will be released in the US. This in the wake of a statement by a Samsung executive who would not be named, that in different markets, different chips would be used.

Samsung Galaxy S III

The Android smartphone is rumored to have a 720p AMOLED 4.7 inch display and a new design involving ceramics instead of plastics. It will have a 1.4 GHz quad core processor at most and 1 GB of RAM. There is a primary camera of 8 or 12 MP.

The Processor Story

Samsung’s Exynos quad core processor will be used when the GSIII will be released in Korea and Europe. Nevertheless, in the US, the processor used will be of Qualcomm. The European version is expected to be announced on May 3 while the US version will come much later. Among the new gadgets, HTC One X has a similar anomaly in Europe. It uses NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad core CPU, and when it comes to US due to compatibility issues with the LTE modems, Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chip is used. However, in the case of GSIII the exact reason is not clear now.

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