Samsung Galaxy S6 New offerings for Camera Enthusiasts


Samsung Galaxy S6A glimpse at the performance of cameras in Samsung’s Galaxy S6, Galaxy Edge, and Galaxy Active indicates that these devices have increased the bar for camera efficiency in smartphones. The hardware is almost alike in all the three gadgets. Also, the cameras in all the three devices use the same software. Therefore, it is difficult to differentiate between their performances.


All the three devices are equipped with Sony’s Exmor RSIMX240 or its equivalent, i.e., Samsung’s ISOCELL 16-megapixel image processor. Features include OIS or Optical Image Stabilization, Object Tracking focus, autofocus, and manual focus, apart from real time HDR. The aperture in these cameras is f/1.9. Also, all these cameras in the three devices come with LED flash. The size of the pictures captured by these cameras on Samsung Galaxy S6 and other models is 2988 pixels by 5312 pixels.

What the Photos Tell?

The autofocus is as good as any, but at times it can blur the image at a distance as well as when the camera is very close to the object being photographed. However, these cameras are also able to capture more details than the naked eye can see, provided that it is relatively close to the object being photographed. Dark images are also captured well with these cameras.


Samsung Galaxy S6 series smartphones and Samsung Edge, as well as Samsung Activa, are suitable for taking images that have more details. However, the autofocus feature needs to be fine tuned. Till then, these are possibly the best smartphone cameras around.

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