Samsung launches new 5.1 inch 4G Galaxy S5 to Revive its Fortune


To call smartphone market saturated would be wrong. It is more than saturated. Even the leading players in this market like Samsung Galaxy S5 4G LTESamsung are finding it tough to maintain their market share.  Periodically introducing new models tweaking the features seem to be the only solution remaining for most.  Galaxy S5 that Samsung has launched includes 4G LTE in it, which may help it to retain some of its share in the gadgets market.


The device would have 5.1 inches display. This would be a full HD screen. To facilitate video chat the device has been equipped with 2MP camera on its front. This would also be a positive feature for people who enjoy taking selfies. The camera at the back is 16 megapixels.


The device runs on Android KitKat 4.4.2-operating system. It has a Qualcomm processor, i.e., 8974 Pro, which has a speed of 2.5 GHz. In all 8 bands of 4G LTE are possible in this device. The 2GB RAM is certainly a disappointment, but 16 GB memory that can be increased by as much as 128 GB using microSD card is positive.

No amount of tweaked features in smartphones would help in the current scenario. Electronics giants such as Samsung would be better off if they opted to focus more on their area of excellence and tried to focus their energies there instead of scattering their energies. The price of Rs. 53 K for this device is certainly much too high for anybody to take a second look at its limited features and specifications.

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