Samsung Mega: Exciting combo of a Tablet and a Smartphone Coming on Friday


Samsung has the reputation of bringing in big gadgets to the market, 5 inches S4, 5.5 inches Galaxy note to name a few. Unlike Apple, which launches a phone per year to target high end customers, Samsung targets new customers, and thus becomes the leader in manufacturing the phones. The use of smartphone is now for watching movies and videos, and now, the manufacturers make them look big.

Samsung Mega Specs

Samsung’s new smartphone is something even beyond significant. The 6.3 inch Galaxy Mega resembles a tablet of 7 inch. This is a great combination of a smartphone and a tablet. These new gadgets offer the portability of a smartphone while the user can get the same engrossing experience of watching movies, videos, reading books like in a tablet. The only difference between a tablet and the Samsung Mega is that this can be used to make calls too. Samsung Mega has the features of multitasking, split screen, easy mode.

Price and Availability

Introduced in May at Europe and Russia, the Mega is yet to start its market in USA on this Friday. It is to be sold for $150 with a service contract of 2 years.

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