Samsung promises gadgets with flexible screen for 2012


The gadgets with flexible screen are real and will soon become as common as the classic ones, at least this is what Samsung said, and a company that plans to integrate this technology into many of its products.

Samsung range of smartphones is the main candidate and could receive the first models equipped with flexible screen from the first half of 2012.

Although is not the first company to promise gadgets with flexible screen, Samsung could be the first manufacturer to adapt the technology for mass production and include the devices accessible to the general public.

Samsung’s ambitions to create products with flexible screen arose after the Liquivista acquisition, the company that developed the technology behind the current generation of flexible displays, popular for low power consumption and excellent brightness of images played.

The first series of flexible screens that will debut during next year is reserved primarily for mobile phones. Tablets and other devices equipped with large screens will get flexible screens later, after the technology reaches full maturity.

Remains to be seen if the quality of images displayed with flexible screens is good and how well it is set when compared with normal AMOLED screens. So far, Samsung did not give too many details about the performance of new screens and did not say whether they will end up being used for all the company’s products, or just a separate category of products.

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