Samsung Stratosphere, first 4G LTE Phone from Verizon, is expected to launch on coming Thursday


Droid-Life again reported leaked information on Samsung Stratosphere phone. Before sometimes, it was Droid-Life that came up with leaked marketing stuffs and manuals on Stratosphere and now they have the news that the phone is going to hit the market on Thursday.

Features of Stratosphere

As given before it is the first 4G LTE phone from Verizon. Along with that it will have QWERTY keywords (5- row sliding feature). It is powered by Android Gingerbread OS (version 2.3) and displays a super AMOLED 4” wide screen. Other specifications include the onboard internal memory of 4GM along with 4GB memory on microSD chip. 512 Mega Bytes of RAM and dual camera (front 1.3 MP and rear 5 MP along with flash) make this gadget a must have.

Voice Dialer as well as Speech-2-Text capability converts this phone into a hotspot. You can use it to connect max 8 gadgets if you are on 4G network or you can connect max 5 gadgets on 3G Network.

Catch it at CTIA

If you have interest in this Smartphone then you should visit CTIA show for wireless trades. It will be held on Tuesday and will continue up to Thursday. The venue is San Diego. Just visit this venue and catch the first glance of this Smartphone. The expected cost of this phone is approx $150 along with a contract of two years.

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