Samsung to sell more than 10 million Samsung Galaxy S2, worthy of an iPhone competitor


It seems that not only iPhones can be sold in the tens of millions. The same case would go to the Samsung Galaxy S2 which was released more than 5 months ago worldwide. The sales of the phone are still increasing by the day and if everything fares well, it may be a phone worthy to be called as the iPhone competitor in terms of sales as well.

Suffice to say that the iPhone is a smartphone that is well dominant in the industry due to its heavy marketing and its brand. It had previously sold more than 30 million iPhone 4 in the third quarter and it seems that the Galaxy S2 would be one of its nearest competitors as well simply due to the fact that not many phones have managed to reach that many sales. It is also to be noted that this amount of sales exclude those in the United States as well.

The factor that makes the Galaxy S2 stands out is its technical specification. It is the thinnest dual-core smartphone ever manufactured today with the best display, thanks to its Super AMOLED Plus screen which offers better color as well as battery life. With such killer specs, it is to no surprise that the Samsung Galaxy S2 is catching up to the iPhone.

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