Smallest Cell Phones And Smartphones For 2010


LG Mini GD880

We live in a nano age, when everything, including our lonely blue planet, is getting smaller by the minute. Size truly matters here and small is indeed big! So why go for big electronic and consumer gadgets now? Let us move in tandem with the rest of the world and adapt ourselves to this overwhelmingly miraculous nano technology today. In this post, we present before you the smallest cell phones and smartphones for the year 2010. Take a look and enjoy, guys!

LG VX5400

The LG VX5400 has been rated the “best small American phone” in 2010. Really tiny in form, this flip phone weighs a mere 3.21 ounces and includes Bluetooth and camera.

LG Cookie More (GS500 LG)

LG has yet another ace up their sleeve. The company is now planning to come out with one more touchscreen mobile, the LG Cookie More or the GS500 LG. This one will have 3G and SNS capabilities and will be more or less similar to the very popular LG Cookie. The LG Cookie More will also come with more features, improved UI and social networking facilities too.

LG Mini GD880

This seems more like a post for LG Electronics, because the company is coming out with yet another full-touch smartphone, the LG Mini GD880, which by far seems to be one of the best-looking smartphones. This is supposed to be the smallest and lightest handset, with a 3.2” touchscreen display, 7.2Mbit HSDPA, GPS, WiFi and 5MP camera too.

The LG Mini GD880 will also include specs for the tech-savvy beasts among you out there. It offers push email; Social Network Connect, which obviously sounds like a social networking app and Social Network Feed, which would enable users to get their online friends’ updates all too easily. There is a Social Address Book app too, which would give the user info and updates of his contacts. The LG Mini GD880 is expected to have hit the European market in March this year, but there are no more details and no information on pricing yet.

iPhone Nano

Rumors are floating around, fast and furious, that Apple is readying to display a 2.8” display iPhone Nano soon. But then, these rumors have been doing their rounds for quite a while now. Anyway, this could also be the work of a clone-manufacturer, trying to get quick sales for his product. There is no information from Apple yet about any nano venture.

Check out the picture below. This is what the iPhone clone, looks like! Amazing, is it not, as to how similar this rip-off is, as compared to the original? The guys even have similar silicon cases ready for this model. Can you beat that?


Palm Pixi

The Palm Pixi is one amazingly small smartphone, which contains fantastic hardware within its small form factor. This is definitely not the smallest handheld in the world, but surely is the one with the most features and hardware. We could even say this one beats some of the bigger smartphones, thanks to its amazing features.

With a 2.6” capacitive touchscreen display, the Pixi also includes the Palm WebOS, 2G GSM, 3G HSDPA, EDGE, a full QWERTY keyboard, 2MP camera and whopping 8GB of internal storage! All this with a mere 111x55x10.9mm size dimension! The Palm Pixi is set for release at the end of this year. Well, we can’t wait for more info on this one.

Alcatel ot-c123

This one takes the cake. Extremely light and super slim, the Alcatel ot-c123 weighs only 54g and is just a little thicker than your bank card. Surprisingly, this phone is also drop and spill resistant and energy-saving. Most importantly, this has been found to be a low radiation cell phone as well. The big plus is that it comes at only $35 dollars. We give a thumbs up to this one.

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  1. I am in a bit of dilema, I have had my iphone 3G for the last 2 years and it’s been pretty good. It’s my understanding that Apple has a new update due out called OS 4 and it’s supposed to be adding some new features to the iPhone 3G. The problem is that I bought Verizon’s new HTC Incredible the HTC Incredible and it’s a great phone, way better than the iphone, BUT I’m hearing that Apple is going to be coming out with a completely iphone altogether, and it’s supposed to be really nice but no one has any ideas as to when and Apple isn’t saying a thing. Should I keep my HTC Incredible, that I have 30 days to test and send it back if I do not want to keep it, or should I give it back, keep my current 3G and wait for the release of the new iPhone- tough to to choose.

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  2. I ought to say that my selection to obtain a Palm Pixi with Sprint support was both a rational and emotional one. I imply, the Palm Pixi is wonderful and functional. And coupled while using support high quality of Sprint, it looks absolutely nothing brief of a revolution inside generating. I think that Palm and Sprint have (virtually) hit it off famously. I did a lot of research just before acquiring the Pixi but overlooked at lowest just one issue. The Pixi will not, yet, let me synchronize my e-mails in between it and Outlook. As far as I’m concerned, this is a drawback I am facing unless Palm comes up which includes a option quickly. With my previous SmartPhone running a Windows OS, it was a snap to synchronize e-mails and other data with one’s Personal computer. But Pixi’s inability to accomplish so is making existence a tiny hard for me because I’ve to Bcc just about every e-mail, I send out, to my e-mail address and then manually transfer it on the ‘sent’ folder in Outlook. I hope Palm, or at least a third-party, will arrive up having a remedy incredibly quickly that can easily enable me synchronize all my e-mails, and ideally all needed information, concerning the Pixi and my office Pc.

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  3. My lovely new LG Cookie no longer appears to be as appealing considering that a person appears to be to happen to be able to hack into my phone and entry the internet though I’m asleep. I purchased it in the O2 shop and have an O2 sim card. O2 usually are not in any way valuable but above £42 worth of credit may be sucked out of my pre-paid account. Any ideas about wherever I can uncover out how to solve this problem?

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  4. I’ve had my Chocolate Touch because it came out. I employed to have a Razr. I’ve been searching around at the filesystem on Bitpim and just began putting flash wallpapers on it. I’ve also checked to see how EnV Touch themes appear on it. I’d like to commence attempting to make themes and wallpapers in Adobe Flash CS4. But I just began, so it’ll most likely be awhile prior to I get anything. Tongue

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