Sony Ericsson looking at China to develop 4G phones


Sony Ericsson has now decided to venture with China Mobile Holding in a view to develop 4G enabled mobile phones. The news was revealed to the public by the President of Sony Ericsson. The president believes that company will work on long term technology which is now becoming the choice of all the global players. This technology has already been adopted by the operators in US, India and Japan. The company plans to work with China and then export the manufactured latest gadgets to other countries.

Research and Development Center

These devices are believed to be manufactured in new R&D departments in Beijing, as per the words of the President. By doing so, the company hopes to increase its footprints further in the global mobile phone market. This R&D center will employ 2000 resources which is the second largest center after Sweden’s. The center is destined to produce more than half of the company’s products.

Benefits of Chinese Market

The prime reason for selecting the Chinese market is its potential for SmartPhone development. Besides, China has the largest mobile phone user population in the world. The company wants to be the leader in the Chinese market to become the eventual global leader in the supplier of Android based mobile phones.





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