Sony Ericsson Text Pro – Latest Addition in Ericsson’s Arsenal


Sony Ericsson has recently unveiled another smartphone gadget to its already lined up series of Xperia Mini phones that is Sony Ericsson Txt Pro. Now the question running inside your minds would be; what makes this smartphone so different from its counterparts.

Pros and Cons

The Txt Pro has a screen resolution of 240×400 pixels. The keypad is well-designed. Like everything in this world has its own share of pros and cons, likewise Sony Ericsson Txt Pro has some flaws. The slider is very sticky and when it is being opened or shut, it sounds like it is scraping the under portion. One may find difficulty in operating the keys and also, it’s not as slick as the X10 Mini Pro.

Multiple desktops for reading unread messages/notifications

In a crux, the neat design looks appealing; the biggest turn-off could be the sticky keyboard that slides out. What makes it unique is the availability of multiple desktops for reading the unread messages or the notifications. Apart from that, the lock screen of Sony Ericsson Txt Pro has a see through display that evidently reflects the number of missed calls and messages.

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