Sony Ericsson Xperia S would be released at January End


Who does not want a phone in which there is no need of adding SIM, it can be unlocked and works as a mobile phone. It is very much wanted by the present generation.


Sony Ericsson Xperia S adds all the features that are adored by a mobile user. Its sleek design adds to its advantage. These Android gadgets are much awaited in the market. This product will shortly be launched. There is no brand name as according to Sony Ericsson; retailer may use it as an advantage to sell the product in the name of Sony Ericsson.

Order and Date of launching

As mentioned, no date of launching is confirmed, so you have to wait for the release of product in the market. However, the rumors are saying it would come up in the last week of January However if, you are eager to buy this gadget, you can order it beforehand. This is extremely handy and there is no need of changing SIM; this in one of the best features of this smartphone. While the Sony Xperia S is launched and its rate is being decreased to £449.99, the customers who already have paid need not worry. This is so because they would be charged minimum and the left over amount would be returned to them.

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