Sony Unveiled Sony Xperia Sola


Sony has launched the Xperia Sola- phone with ‘a touch of magic’. The stand out feature of the Android smartphone is the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology used- you can now even use the handset as your wallet.

The Android NFC

The Sola adds to the new range of smartphone gadgets, which feature an NFC chip- with which users can use their credit cards and payment gateways can integrate into this mobile software, and so you need not carry all the cards physically. Another added NFC functionality is that you can use SmartTags to change the phone profile by using it along with a physical sticker, or tag- just a swipe across the tag reflects the change.

Other Features and Specs

Launched in Android Gingerbread 2.3, it will be provided with, and Ice Cream Sandwich update as soon as it becomes available to Sony. It features a 1 GHz dual core CPU, 3.7-inch reality display, 3D surround, and xLoud audio, in addition to the NFC chip. Access to the Sony Entertainment Network is provided which allows users to watch videos and listen to music with the same account they use for the PS3 console. It also features the ‘floating touch’ functionality for browsing the internet, which allows users to gestures by hovering with the finger over the screen without touching it.

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