Sony Xperia Z3 Available from 29 October on T-Mobile Carrier


Sony-Xperia-Z3-AHSix days after the launch of Xperia Z3v, T-mobile would start offering the same to its customers, which falls on 29th October. This customs version of flagship smartphone from Sony is utterly for Verizon wireless. This is the third mobile that T-Mobile supports for Sony, and a substantial proof that the manufacturer continues to have a solid relationship with the T-Mobile.

Availability and Cost

The mobiles can be ordered in advance from 15th October, 12 AM pacific time. The equipment installment plan makes the total cost of a smartphone to $630. This is $20 less than iPhone 6. The installments are for 24 months, which is determined as $26.24.

Few Specs of the Two Devices

Sony looked for a special launch of the phone, with the executives from Sony, Verizon and PlayStation 4 unit. This smartphone has the Remote Play Capability. A common Wi-Fi network can help the Xperia Z3v users to enjoy PS games, which Xperia Z3 user can also enjoy. There are few differences between Z3v and Z3. Z3v is bulky, and a wireless charging feature means that it has a large battery. The two gadgets are waterproof, have the same display and camera.

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