Sony’s Xperia Z2 to Arrive on April 1, 2014


sony-xperia-z2The much awaited Xperia Z2 from Sony is finally arriving. It will first be released in the UK by Unlocked Mobiles. The date of launch would be April 1, 2014. Unlocked Mobile would sell it for 544 Pounds Sterling, which is a much lower price tag when compared to Samsung’s Galaxy S5. Gadgets world would recall that Galaxy S5 will also be arriving in the market on April 11, 2014, but it would cost almost 600 Pounds Sterling.

Carrier Unlocked Mobiles is offering plenty of freebies with Xperia Z2, which also add up to a decent sum. For example, the SRS-BTM8 speaker may cost 80 pounds sterling, and the headphones that cancel noise may be worth another20 pounds sterling. In addition to these two, Unlocked mobile is also offering 100 pounds sterling worth content. Effectively, Sony’s device is considerably cheaper when compared to Samsung’s device.

Similarities of Xperia Z2 with Xperia Z1

Dimensions of the two handsets are almost alike, as their shapes are. Both the devices are waterproof. In addition, the camera in both devices is 20.7 megapixels. Most of the other features present in Xperia Z1 would be available in Xperia Z2 as well, primarily because Xperia Z1 has been appreciated by gadgets world.

New Additions or Improvements in Xperia Z2

For starters, Xperia Z2 would have a screen measuring around 5.2 inches, which is bigger than the screen of Xperia Z1. The OS in this device is Android Kitkat, which is also a notch above the OS in the previous device. The speed of the processor in this device is about 2.3 GHz. The device is capable of video recording in 4K.

Though the new handset from Sony does not have many new features, it’s pricing and launch date would certainly help it steal the market share of Samsung’s Galaxy S5. However, HTC One is also planning to introduce a device the details of which will be known only by end of March. It certainly looks like a buyer’s market for now.

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