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Spb Pocket Plus 4.1

Spb Pocket Plus is by now, a popular app for Windows Mobile smartphones. Not only does it make navigating easier, but it also offers many more conveniences to the smartphone user. The latest version of this software, the Spb Pocket Plus 4.1, comes with yet more improvements over its predecessors. Giving the WinMo OS an entirely new interface, it also allows users to operate their handheld device with a little more ease. But is this one really made for your specific smartphone? Read on for the full review of the Spb Pocket Plus 4.1.

First comes the good news.

• The Pocket Plus 4.1 comes with a host of amazing features and conveniences. The Today Plug-in lets the user customize the entire UI of the handheld, plus also gives over 30 skins to choose from.
• Categorizing multiple items under one single tab never got simpler. With Pocket Plus 4.1, the user can arrange the entire look of the UI according to his preferences.
• The Smart Scrolling facility allows easy and intuitive finger scrolling and panning across the display screen.
• All programs can be started with a single tap.
• The Close Button actually closes programs and not simply minimizes them. This helps free a lot of memory that otherwise tends to slow down the performance of your Pocket PC. The user also has the option of tap-and-hold to minimize running programs.
• The IE aspect has been improved too, thanks to the new Fast Search, Save Web Page and View Page Source tabs.
• The File Explorer tab offers ZIP support and file encryption.
• You can extend the Pocket Plus functionality by adding plug-ins such as Weather Forecast, World Clocks, Profiles and so on.
• There are bug fixes for WVGA devices, as also support for WinMo 6.1.4 devices.

Now, here is the not-so-great news.

• Spb Pocket Plus 4.1 does not support the entire WinMo Interface. For instance, the Smart Scroll only works with certain programs such as File Explorer, Pocket Outlook and so on, and refuses to scroll within an email.
• The Smart Scroll needs to be made more sensitive and responsive to touch.
• The Setup is rather large and the process of initial install is tedious.
• There is no standard version of the software that would suit all smartphones.
• The Pocket Plus 4.1 does not yet come with a general installer app that can give you all applications at one time. Each of these apps, such as Diary, Backup, Travel, Keyboard and so on, have to be installed separately.
• Some WinMo 6.5 handhelds do not support Pocket Plus 4.1
• The Pocket IE keeps freezing from time to time, especially if it requires more RAM.
• Some desirable features of earlier versions of Spb, such as Voice Command’s Program Shortcuts are there no more. This has been done by Spb in order to save space.
• The 15-day trial software is available free, but you will have to purchase it for $29.95 if you want to continue using it. This version costs $5 more than the earlier version.
• Current users of Spb Pocket Plus 3.2 should note that only those of you who purchased it after July 16, 2007 are eligible for a free upgrade. All the rest will get a 50% discount and will have to cough up $14.95 for the same.


On the whole, except for some teething problems, the Spb Pocket Plus 4.1 seems to have hit the target yet again. It no doubt makes for great software and is indeed a good Service Pack Enhancement for Windows Mobile smartphones.

Here is a link to buying SPB Pocket Plus. If you own it, leave your comments/reviews below!

Spb Pocket Plus 4.1

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