Sprint iPhone5 – Saves Sprint from any Unwanted Verizon Acquisition


Those talking about Sprint merging with Verizon have got nothing more to talk about as Sprint faced two major blows. Firstly Verizon added the iPhone 4 gadget and made Sprint the smallest carrier and the only one without iPhone making it weaker. Now Sprint could follow with either of two options: add Sprint iPhone 5 to the mix or get sucked up by the Verizon. And Sprint followed the former one.

Sprint’s Intentions

This is evident from the fact that Sprint subcontractors have started installing the signal boosters near Apple stores. In reference to the Sprint’s proceedings against T-Mobile regarding the future prospects where it believes it is not going to get a fair shot even with iPhone 5 when it comes to competence. But that may perhaps be pretentiousness for Sprint because the carrier ahs got many approaches.

Offering Unlimited Data

Sprint is offering unlimited monthly data which makes it different from Verizon and AT&T to give monthly data caps with the aim of offering customers with huge overage charges which is pretty similar to text message overages they did earlier. Other than this, when Verizon and AT&T could make into 4G, Sprint already has 4G network nationwide. But Sprint will have to face challenges even with iPhone 5 as present iPhone customers are already engaged in the upgrade cycles.

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