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Hi folks, am back yet again with my tech talk. This time, I am wondering about the Sidekick smartphone. We have seen quite a few SK models so far. The Sidekick 4 touch phone, during its release, had made quite an impact on the mobile market. Will history repeat itself? Will there be a later version of the device this year. If yes, what is it going to be like? Or will T-Mobile be stopping SK sales from now on? Read on to find out more….

The smartphone freaks among you would surely recall the dust and media hype the Sidekick 4 touch device threw up. There were rumors about it for a long, long time before its release. Finally, the Sidekick 4 did come out into the market. While some opined that it was much the same as the Sidekick 3, some others swore, on their part, that it was much different and in fact, much better than the previous versions. There was also considerable confusion as regards the name of the device. It came to be called the Sidekick LX and also the Sidekick Shuriken.

The Sidekick 4 touch smartphone
The Sidekick 4 touch smartphone or the Sidekick LX 2009 or whatever else it is called, has been extremely popular with the masses. The general UI is better and the large QWERTY sliding chiclet-type keyboard makes it easier for use than most other SK models.

The SK 4 also comes with better features – trademark swivel design with two new colors, Carbon and Orchid; a 3.2” WVGA screen; 3.2MP camera with aufocus and flash; and MicroSD card slot for up to 8GB external memory. The GPS integrated with Microsoft’s Live Search scores heavily against other models, as this gives the user the ability to work with maps and directions. Additionally, the privacy settings on the location data give users control over others tracking them.

Other features of the SK 4 include GPS, video recorder, E-mail support, and, of course, picture messaging, IM and support for social networking, as the star attractions! The 3G edition of the Sidekick LX is really cool. T-Mobile’s 3G connectivity is definitely worth it. There are users who feel otherwise, but at least, it is better than not having 3G at all!

On the whole, the Sidekick 4 upgrade is recommended for those who are already familiar with this model’s interface. This one is available at a pretty reasonable rate too, at $200 with a two-year contract with T-Mobile for existing customers and $250 for new customers.


Can we expect to see a Sidekick 2010?
Rumors are flying around, fast and furious, that T-Mobile will be killing all Sidekick sales very soon. On the other hand, though, there is even stronger “leaked” evidence of a prototype of the SK 2010, pictured in the wild. We have an interesting video below, of this supposed Sidekick 2010. Though it looks similar to most Sidekick models, including the SK 4 LX, we cannot yet say if this is just another hoax or the actual thing.

Do watch the video and give us your valuable feedback and comments. Do also let us know if any of you happen to have more info on this one.

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