T-Mobile selling Nokia Lumia at $149.99 from April 27


On 27 April, HSN- multichannel retailer- will launch the T-Mobile Nokia Lumia in the market at the weekend event of Bi-annual Innovation. This is the first time that T-Mobile will get such an introducing platform.

Additionally it will be coupled with a car charger and a screen protector with free shipping along with the $149.99 smartphone gadget.  If you are interested in grabbing the device at the earliest, you need to know that flexible paying options are also available at the event. For this, you must check the specific air times local listings.

Benefits with T-Mobile

As you know with T-Mobile, the device will work on 4G network and offer high end benefits at affordable rates. Apart from the touch screen, the 5MP shooter will feature auto-focus and HD recording in 720p. Smart Shoot, creative studio, Nokia Music, Cinemagraph with Maps and Here Drive will be included as the initial apps.

Other Stores

If you want to buy the Android from other resources you will have to wait till May 11, when it will be available at Walmart and Microsoft Retail stores. The T-Mobile monthly plan of 4G will cost you thirty bucks. More details will be followed soon.

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