Tech World Waits for Nokia Lumia 1520 Till Late October


Lumia 1520Nokia Lumia 1520, which was planned to be launched in the end of September, has now been pushed to the end of October. It is said that the device may reach the hands in the week beginning with October 21. Also, the venue is said to be changed, which Nokia is yet to reveal.

As the 1020 gadgets were released in New York, the Lumia 1520 may be launched in London. It is also expected in the tech world that this may be the final press meet in the area of mobile hardware, Nokia may want it in Finland, the home country.

Reason for Delay

This is not yet completely known, but again guesses are there that the recent acquisition of the company by Microsoft may be a reason behind it. The Windows GDR3 phone’s update may make the phone’s release occupy a back seat.

Wrap up

The device is said to have a 6 inch display, full HD display, quad core processors, and the GDR3 update has not tentative date of release. This update would make the phone, the most powerful Windows OS phone ever released. Not only Lumia 1520, but the tablet from Nokia is also delayed for the same reason.

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