Today Galaxy S5 Scheduled to be Launched in 125 Markets


Samsung Galaxy S5Around the world in the 125 markets with the inclusion of Europe, United States and most of the parts of Asia Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to be launched. The other gadgets accompanying this launching campaign are Samsung Gear Fit Health tracker, Samsung Gear 2 Neo smartwatches and Samsung Gear 2.

Features of Galaxy S5

The unique thing about the Galaxy S5 features is that it possesses a fastest processor and best camera performance. The other things that make Galaxy S5 a lucrative device are the inbuilt fitness features. Moreover, the most important thing is waterproof which shows its immunity under the water. Water is the main culprit destroying the gadgets if accidently drowned inside it.


According to the report, Galaxy S5 will be compatible with most of the major careers like AT and T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and sprint. On-contract one can get the gadget by paying the price of 199.99 dollars only. The other devices like the Gear 2 will be available at $299 and Gear 2 Neo smartwatch and Fit Health Tracker at 199$ only.

The reason for selling Samsung’s smartwatches and Fitness tracker along with Galaxy S5 is to couple these devices with the Galaxy smartphone.

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