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Windows Mobile Applications are very popular with people who are on the move.  They are fast gaining popularity because of the ease and convenience that they can provide Windows mobile users.  Surveys have come up with the top 10 Windows Mobile Applications.

1. Facebook

Can you believe that this most popular social networking site online is now available as an application in your mobile phones? From your phone, you can now post updates and connect with your FB friends wherever you are.

2. Skype

This is the most ideal application for chatting services to a phone, a computer or to another Skype user. It is free to use from a Skype to Skype no matter how many hours you spend.

3. YouTube

Most users like to watch videos and similar applications. YouTube is now displayed properly on Windows Mobile Applications, so you can watch the popular videos, viral videos right where you are.

4. Opera mini browser

This browser provides a user friendly interface which you can manipulate easily to bookmark or zoom in and out of the website. You can also surf and search as easily as you can when you are using a computer.

5. Google maps mobile

This is extremely useful for people who want to find places using their mobile applications. You can type the establishment you want to look for and you will be provided those that are nearest your location. The GPS can also help you find correct directions.

6. SRS WOW HD Audio

This provides a free application that you could use in adjusting audios to an effect that you want or prefer. Audios are enhanced and made clearer by this wonderful Windows feature.

7. DivX video player

This makes video playing run smoothly and without snags providing an excellent video watching experience.  Unlike videos which stops and then reloads before playing, this video player plays superbly and clearly.

8. Active Sync

If you are often transferring files from a computer to your mobile, Active Sync will do it efficiently for you. You will not have any problem with your long emails and files. Using Active Print Professional, you can print from your files to a Windows compatible printer.  This can be done through a wireless or cable connection. This is an important application if you travel a lot and want files downloaded and printed in a jiffy.

9. RSS Reader

You can access your favorite blogs and websites through the RSS or Really Simple Syndication feature. This can provide updates of your subscribed sites’ posts and articles. You can also receive the latest news from your online connections.

10. WMwifirouter

This makes all websites instantly accessible in your mobile phone. You can download them simultaneously and take advantage of the fast service delivered by this Windows Mobile Application. You no longer have to wait for several minutes before accessing sites.

These are the top 10 Windows Mobile Applications that you can use conveniently with your phones.  Enjoy your phones with these applications.

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