Unconfirmed Leaks about Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime


Samsung Galaxy S5 PrimeIt’s, however more than a hide- and- seek game for gadget lovers as the news can influence the decision to purchase the device immediately or defer the decision. The latest buzz in the market is about Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime. Though the leak is from unconfirmed sources, it has a smart phone market in a tizzy.

The New Device

For starters, the new device would target high end customers. To lure this market, the device would be equipped with superior hardware. Its QHD display would be one of its highlights. A metal body would lend value to the product. The metal that would be used for making this body would obviously be aluminum. A few photos of what the device might look like were sent to PhoneArena, but whether these pictures are that of Samsung Galaxy S5 is yet to be confirmed.


Differences from existing Samsung Galaxy S5 and the new device based on these alleged images include relocation of phone feature. Unlike the Galaxy S5, which had the phone’s speaker at its back, the new device would sport the speaker at the bottom of its front face.

Market expects announcements regarding this device from Samsung by June end. However, these are speculations and in all probability; the device is, as of now, being tested by the smart phone manufacturer.

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