Upcoming Android 2.3 Updates for HTC Desire


HTC desire is a phone based on android. It is featured with large touch screen and thousands of applications. If we compare HTC desire with iPods then HTC desire is much favorable gadget. At the time of launch it is one of the company’s flag ships.

Explosion due to arrival of HTC

With the arrival of HTC desire the handsets are no longer used by the people. Because of this reason company make an announcement that they will not provide update of android 2.3 to the desire. Many people in United Kingdome have already received updates but there are many people around the world who are still waiting for the updates. Company claims that they can receive the android 2.3 updates only by the end of current month.

Condition of updates given to people

Users of HTC desire get disappointed because the updates come with certain limitations because the capacity of ROM was reduced to 512 MB only and many applications were removed. But the same applications can be downloaded to the smart phones without facing any trouble. To enjoy the Gingerbread experience many users of HTC desire opted for custom ROM. But the good thing is that many developer groups like XDA, Cyanogens Mod has provided facility by which users can get the availability of latest updates.


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