Upcoming Windows Phones will have Kinect like Gesture Control Features


Windows 8.1 Phone Kinect Like FeatureLike the gaming console, Xbox 360 has been endowed with Kinect for sensing the motion similarly Microsoft is going to use the same Kinect like technology in the forthcoming Windows Phone devices. The upcoming flagship Windows Phone will have Kinect like features and the device will be codenamed as McLaren.

Unique Features

Kinect like features will allow the users to interact with the screen with just hovering finger over the screen but not even touching the display. The technology is known as Real Motion or 3D Touch, which Microsoft developed over the years to use in its upcoming gadgets. The 3D sensors are so strong that they can detect your gestures like finger hovering, covering it by hand or holding it closer to your chest.

What’s more?

The more gestures that can be used are holding the phone by a grip for blocking orientation switch while you lay on the bed. Not only the screen is interactive even the sides of the phones will also be interacting with the OS and the camera will zoom out by just sliding the fingers on the sides.

Microsoft was preparing to debut the 3D touch features later this year with Nokia’s Goldfinger handset and Windows 8.1 Phone, but it seems the launch has been delayed for some time. Goldfinger is used as an engineering model for the developers for the launch of the McLaren and to make the changes if needed.

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