US to get Blackberry Z10 on 22 March


As the news is in the air that Blackberry Z10 is arriving in US on 22 March, then it is the time to see what the carriers are planning? Very soon the business customers at T-mobile will be getting the device, but still the standard consumers will have to wait for a while.

From March 22, Blackberry will be offering its gadgets to US based T-mobile consumers and this list includes AT&T. Even though, the release comes after much delay, it was awaited since it had been released already in other places.

Price and contract with AT&T

AT&T had already specified that the BB Z10 will be available with a pocket pinch of $199.99 that will include a contract for two years. The device has already gathered a user list since it is already available in UK and Canada.

T-Mobile plans

T-Mobile is planning separately! It seems to be more interested in corporate customers than the individual customers. Yet it has not specified what it is planning for the non-business consumers.

The evolved Blackberry Z10 is actually an effort to start afresh in the market by RIM. It lost its niche after the emergence of Apple iPhone in 2007, which could live up to the consumer’s expectation regarding what a smart phone is!

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