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Many HTC customers often felt the need for GPS in their phones and smartphones. Few are aware of the fact that HTC has a nice line of smartphones and feature phones that include GPS technology. Here is a list of the most popular HTC touch phones that come with GPS.

The beautiful and compact HTC Touch Pro comes with Integrated GPS, which can be effectively used with some maps software to achieve full turn-by-turn satellite navigation. The T-Mobile G1, HTC’s wonderful Android smartphone, also comes with GPS navigation, compatible with Google Maps, which is the most comprehensive nav system at present. The HTC Touch HD, a Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional run smartphone, too comes with GPS navigation.

The very popular HTC Touch Diamond, which is a WinMo 6.1 Professional powered smartphone, comes with the Integrated GPS and A-GPS features, which can be used with map software to give you an accurate, turn-by-turn satellite navigation experience to your destination.

The HTC Desire is an Android 2.1 smartphone, which again offers GPS navigation. In order to use GPS with the HTC Desire, you first need to turn on the GPS feature. The HTC Tattoo, an Android 1.6 run smartphone, comes with an internal GPS antenna, which gives you accurate directions of both your required location and surrounding areas, when used with Google Maps. A flashing blue light gives you your current location and guides you accurately towards your place of interest.

The HTC Touch Cruise, a WinMo 6.1 Professional run smartphone, comes with 3G/HSDPA connectivity and built-in GPS as well. This handheld, also known as the P3650, includes an Internal GPS antenna and A-GPS service provided by Google. Additionally, the built-in turn-by-turn GPS navigation with TomTom software gives the user a great overall nav experience.

htc touch diamond gps

Solving most common GPS connectivity issues

In order to use your GPS on your HTC touch phone, you first need to properly understand the system. First, you need to power on GPS on your HTC touch phone. You can easily do this by accessing the Menu of your touch phone and then going to “Use GPS Satellite”. Many of the more recent HTC touch phones, such as the Tattoo, let the user access this facility with the GPS widget system.

In many cases, GPS connectivity poses a problem due to many external factors, such as location and weather conditions. For instance, an overcast sky or physical obstructions such as roofs and ceilings will affect GPS receptivity. Tall buildings and establishments can also sometimes hamper GPS connectivity.

In order to achieve the best GPS performance from your HTC touch phone, you are advised to operate your handheld from an area which gives you a complete, open view of the sky.

If you cannot connect to GPS on your HTC touch phone

HTC gives you detailed user manuals on using GPS with each of its feature phones and smartphones. You can also interact in user forums and query them in case you have doubts using the GPS feature with your HTC touch phone.

HTC also releases hotfixes from time to time, in order to solve GPS connectivity issues or when users report difficulty in locating a position or place. If you find that you can no longer use GPS with your HTC touch phone, you merely need to visit the company’s Website, search for hotfixes for your particular mobile phone or smartphone model and follow the detailed instructions mentioned therein.

Watch a video of the GPS in action on the Touch HD2.

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  1. 1 day old TP2 and having some adjustment shock. I will appear completely thru this web page, nonetheless it is so distinct from my q and my palm 800 which were each largely the same. Right now the only thing I really comprehend is how you can access world wide web ( that is why I bought it ) Making calls recieving messages is tougher, moving pictures to TP@ so I can use it like a viewer appears difficult. I can move them but i want them to become easily identified for the device. Finding out curve I hope is all.

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  2. It uses a different sensor and there’s no flash. It’s also incapable of working with the new HDR camera feature being rolled out for the iPhone.

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