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A cell phone repeater, also referred to as a cellular repeater or wireless cellular signal booster, is commonly used in the telecom industry. It boosts cell phone reception by making use of a reception antenna, a signal amplifier and an internal rebroadcast antenna. These are usually used in single buildings or even in vehicles to improve cellular signals. In this post, we bring you useful information on cell phone repeater systems.

A cell phone signal

Much like your regular telephone signals, cell phone signals too are radio frequency signals, which occur in electromagnetic waves.

How a cell phone repeater functions

As far as incoming calls are concerned, the antenna receives the signal and boosts it, sending it to the amplifier by way of the coax cable connecting the two devices. In the case of outgoing calls, though, this process is taken backwards, so that the person on the other end receives the call with clarity.

Why use a cell phone repeater system

It often happens that cell phone signals in a certain location are not strong enough to be received by residents of a particular building or establishment. This is particularly the case when there is no cell phone tower nearby or if it is blocked by other buildings or hills. This is when a cell phone repeater system will work wonders for you.

Distance that a cell phone repeater system can travel

How strong your cell phone repeater signal will be depends upon the location of the antenna, the service provider, external signal strength, the length of the coax cable and the frequency you use to boost the power of the signal.

Car Mount Repeater

Components required for setting up a system

The components and materials required for setting up a cell phone repeater system varies from person to person. It all depends upon the particular person’s needs, the gain of that particular antenna, the frequency to be used and so on and so forth. Generally speaking, it would be better for you to pick up a readymade product or request experts to assemble one for you. Setting up the entire system by yourself can become quite a job, especially if you are an amateur and have never tried this before.

The legalities involved

There are a few products that are still awaiting an okay from the FCC in the USA, but most of the more popular cell phone repeater systems are approved by the government. Make sure that the particular product is approved before you purchase it.

The coax cable

Usually, most cell phone repeater systems use LMR400 or 9913 coax cables. How much coax cable is used depends upon various factors such as location of the antenna, signal gain, desired signal coverage and so on.

Yagi antennas for cellular repeaters

Yagi antennas are recommended for use along with your normal wireless repeater, since these give almost double the gain of omni-directional antennas. Hence, if you desire more signal strength, you could consider using Yagi antennas for the same.

Best cellular repeater manufacturers

There are many brands of cell phone repeater systems available to you. But generally speaking, Wilson, ClearVoice and AnyTone are two of the top brands for personal use. These brands are trusted and are also approved by the FCC.

Cell Phone Repeater

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