Verizon Announced to Ship Motorola Droid Mini Early


It has been eagerly anticipated by the Verizon customers, to receive their package containing Motorola Droid Mini sooner than the expected shipping date. Verizon has lately created a stir in the market by confirming through a Verizon spokesperson that the “ship by” date is shifted from 29 August to 22 August.

Announcement Details

Verizon customers came to know about the announcement via an email and Phone Arena first reported this change. Droid Mini’s homepage was not showing any details regarding the early shipping dates, but the other details involved that the delivery charges will be included for Friday consignments, and by Monday the delivery is free of cost.

Availability of Motorola Droid Mini

Phone Arena has also reported that the miniature smartphone has already hit the shelves and users can get it for $99.99 including 2-year contract. In late July, Droid Mini was unveiled along with other Motorola models-Droid Maxx and Droid Ultra. The Mini has got a shiny textured back panel that also accompanies ridged power button along with the volume buttons on the sides.

Droid Mini gadget also has 10 MP rear camera and a front shooter of 2 MP having TFT display of 4.3 inch and resolution of 720 pixels.

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