Verizon’s New Nokia Lumia 822 Version to Hit Market Soon


A strong buzz in the air predicts the availability of the Nokia Lumia 822 gadget sometime along with the HTC’s 8X smartphone release. The fresh edition is Verizon’s version of the Nokia Lumia 820, which will hit market shelves in a short while from now. The Lumia 820 mobile device belongs to the family of Lumia 920 and 810 models with integrated Windows 8 OS.

Nokia Lumia 822 Features

The smartphone houses similar system and characteristics of the Lumia 820 equipment, with a slight difference in the exterior design of the gadget. The Verizon name and minute difference in shape is the only prime variation between the other and Lumia 822 Nokia smartphone models. The release of the Lumia series in varying versions catering to all user needs is expected to up the sales of the technology giant and place it in the top position in the mobile market scene.

Estimated Functionalities of Verizon’s Lumia 822

The leaked details of the Verizon Nokia Lumia 822 version suggest a lower priced device than its counterparts, which owes to its basic smartphone design and components implementation. The middle range matte-finish gadget is calculated to integrate 4G LTE networking services of Verizon and state-of-the-art WVGA display screen sized at 4.3 inches. The proper resolution front and rear camera are bonus in this range of smartphone device.

As the date and cost of the mobile gadget is yet to be decided, there is a spurt of new Nokia Lumia series releases lined up for the masses.

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