Verizon’s Tri-series Effect: Releasing Windows 8 OS Gadgets


The holiday season celebration has begun with a bang, as Verizon has announced three main Windows 8 integrated mobile gadgets names. Samsung ATIV Odyssey, Nokia Lumia 822, and HTC 8X devices will be a part of Verizon’s gift campaign this festive spell of the year. The months of November and December are going to witness a splurge in smartphones, each vying with each other, to garner the attention of the holiday-purchasers.

Microsoft’s Trio Smartphones Marketing by Verizon

The 16 GB HTC 8X model will be available for $199, and a $99 price tag for the Nokia Lumia 822 version. The recent announcements are in the wake of the MS combat strategy against leading names like Google and Apple. The popular and in-demand Android and iOS operating systems have a strong competitor in the form of the innovative technological discovery, MS Windows 8 OS.

Countdown Begins for Windows 8 Release

Other brand names in the smartphone market are equally in the competing scenario. T-Mobile’s HTC 8 X and Lumia 810 with AT&T Lumia 820, 920, Windows Phone 8X are all set to storm the mobile world. It is yet to be ascertained if this holiday season will bring joy to Microsoft’s novel products.

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