Video Demo of new Nokia N9 Ice Cream Sandwich released


Last week, evidence of the Android 4.0, running on Nokia N9 was shown. Now the expert, Alexey Roslyakov has bought up with a new video demo, of Ice Cream Sandwich, on an ordinary MeeGo smartphone gadget. Roslyakov’s hack has turned N9 to a dual booting device. When you hit the volume key at the time of boot stops, MeeGo stops running, and android 4.0.3 is brought up.

Issues with N9 gadget goes on toil

There are many issues that have to be overcome before proving android on new N9 real. At present time, battery indicator is not working, it has to be plugged, as said by N9, and the networking connection is not in a proper functioning mode.

Compatibility of Nokia N9 Ice Cream Sandwich gadgets

When last sight of hack was seen, OpenGL support was not satisfactory. That is unquestioning to N9’s 2D and 3D graphics, without compatibility in ICS port by using Android on Nokia smartphone, it would be not acceptable completely. These Nokia gadgets certainly have homework to do before coming to the market. As alpha has already been promised, more weigh will be given to hack 3.9 inches MeeGo phone, this may get a second chance as a dual- booting goes on.

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    Hmm, where’s the video demo? Love the new nokia n9 though..

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