Watch exciting features of Motorola XT860 4G Android Smartphone!


One of the hottest news in the Android market is about “Google buys Motorola Mobility”, which at earlier times, was sold as the Milestone in Europe and Canada. The Droid was the initial competitor, assimilating all the power of the Android Smartphone. Besides that, it was well endowed with slide- out QWERTY keyboard and well rounded shaped body.

Dual-Core droid gadget, named as Motorola XT860 4G has a 4-inch screen and a dual core slider. However, it was sold by the name of Droid 3G in the US market. Though, many of the physical features are same as the previous but, Motorola has enhanced its multimedia capabilities. The more specifications are dual core 1GHZ, RAM- 512 MB and A9 ARM cortex processor.

Camera and Video

Motorola XT860 has also gotten an 8MP camera, with a resolution of 1080p, front camera for Skype video sessions, and stylish HD video capture found on the Android 2.3 Gingerbread Operating system. PowerVR SGX 540, which can operate at 304 MHZ, is there for improving the performance of graphics, and HD video features. Business class android lovers will be happy to see a much lighter version of only 170 gms. But do not diminish its hard features; it got a fascination for business users, as well.

Both the Droid and Milestone smartphones enjoy the strength of QWERTY keyboard and full touch screens that real estate lovers will also appreciate.

After Google has taken over Motorola, the Motoblur overlay is expected to be missing in the Android devices.



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