What is a Dual-Sim Phone?


Dual SIM phones. To my surprise, I noticed that more and more people are interested in these toys, but you know what is a Dual-Sim phone? As you will immediately recognize by its name, is a phone that can use two SIM cards. Thus, people use more numbers, one personal and one for work, save the necessity of wearing two different phones.

Dual SIM mobile phone history, though short, has already met several distinct stages.

   Prehistoric era. They used a support which the two SIMs were placed. Often they had to be shortened to be fixed to their place, and this was not a simple operation, requiring surgical precision. And these adapters is usually placed under the phone battery, requiring the existence of a gap in this place … In addition, the phone didn’t use only one card at a time, by restarting the gadget they were passing from one to another. There was no need to open the phone to change cards, but otherwise everything was the same as on a single SIM phone.

   Bronze Age. Also by cutting the two SIM cards were mounted on one card. Thus, with two SIM cards, were the standard sizes and can be used from any phone on the market. The two SIM cards could not continue to operate simultaneously, but could choose to be used in the phone menu without requiring restarting the gadget.

   Medieval Age. Appears the first devices built to accommodate two SIM cards. Still could not be used simultaneously, but at least there was no need to play as the cards tailor.

    Modern Age. Finally appear the first mobile phone capable of using two SIM cards simultaneously. They have two GSM transmitters/receivers for each card separately. In general, they have a reduced the battery life, precisely because of this, but are equipped with advanced features like complex phonebook, E-mail, Web browser, etc.

Although there are practical, dual SIM mobile phones have the disadvantage of not enjoying great support from the mobile phone manufacturers. Promoted by Chinese manufacturers, they will be successful as long as Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung will ignore them completely. Why? Perhaps because a dual SIM phone cannot be made by a particular operator, most mobile phones sold worldwide are sold in this way.

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  1. kurnia says:

    we have triple sim-card in here in Indonesia, GSM-GSM-CDMA triple on for about 1,5years, all Indonesian Local brand , made in China

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