Will Nokia N8 Come With A Stylus?


Nokia N8 Silver

Most of you must already be knowing that Nokia N8 is a touch screen phone, and some of you must have assumed that it will be coming with a stylus, but will it really be coming with a stylus?

I have got several emails about Nokia N8 and most of the people were asking me the same question that does the Nokia N8 comes with a stylus? The answer is NO, Nokia N8 won’t be coming with a stylus and I believe that it won’t be needing that either.

So, if you’re one of the several people who were wondering about the same question then you must have got your answer by now. I am sure that it will fun exploring the phone without a stylus and I believe that some people usually get bored of the phone when they have to take out the stylus everytime.

As the days are passing by, the Nokia N8 release date is getting closer. For more information about this phone, you can check the Nokia N8 Advertisement and Nokia N8 Features.

I guess Nokia has got a lot of expectations from this phone and I believe that this phone is going to do good. I have also listed this phone in the ‘Top 3 Nokia Phones of the year 2010‘. So, if you’re looking for a good phone with an amazing camera and have a good budget, then this phone is worth the price.

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