Will Samsung Galaxy Alpha Come with a Metal Body?


Samsung Galaxy AlphaSamsung has obtained a trademark in the name of Samsung Galaxy Alpha. This means that the Korean company intends to launch new product line under this name. But it remains to be seen whether the name is reserved for the much awaited Galaxy F or another version of its metallic Galaxy S5.


Market is speculating that the product is again going to be Galaxy S5, with minor changes. Thickness of the metal body is one change that is almost foregone conclusion. Galaxy S5 has a body of 8.1 mm thick metal body. In contrast, Galaxy Alpha may have a metallic body that is about 6 mm thick.

Likewise, the market expects the screen to be smaller in the new device than that in Galaxy S5. As far as specifications go, the AMOLED display of this device may be about 4.7 inches. In addition, it would come with advanced processor, i.e., Exynos’ Octa Core. It may be recalled that rumors were doing round in gadgets world that Galaxy F would have larger QHD display screen, i.e., about 5.2 inches.


Since the product will be launched around the same time as iPhone 6, the company is keeping the product’s features and specifications almost similar to that of iPhone 6. In an almost saturating market, this may not be such a good idea.

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