Will the New iPhone 6S be Pink in Color?


iPhone 6SThere are many pictures of a pink colored handset with Apple logo on it. Daliulian.net, a Chinese business engaged in snooping on technology companies released photos of what it claims to be iPhone 6S. So is the rose colored pink handset that is roaming freely on the net, actually the image of iPhone 6S? The rumors remain unconfirmed.

Color Preference

While so the gadgets world is aware that Apple does have plans for increasing its market share in the eastern countries. Apple has in the past adopted strategies to appeal to the customer’s tastes, which is why Apple released golden colored handsets in China in past. Pink is another favorite color in the eastern countries. Therefore, these unconfirmed images of iPhone 6S released by Daliulian.net could well be right.


The market expects the iPhone 6S, which could well be called iPhone 7 by Apple, be run iOS9. It may be recalled that this is Apple’s software that is already being used on iPad, iPhone, and even iPad Touch. The market also expects Apple to improve on Siri, battery life, and many other apps such as notes, and maps.


The rumors about colored iPhone 6S are unconfirmed. While Apple does have plans to launch another smartphone in near future, the date of such launch may not be the 8th or 9th of September 2015, as rumored. Effectively, speculations are just that, and until anything is confirmed, such talks can at the best be entertaining and fueling demand for new products with expected specifications.

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