Windows Phone 7 & Android on the same phone?


Are you asking yourself if Windows Phone 7 could work with Android on the same phone?

Yes you heard that right. These two mobile operating systems are one of the prominent ones in the market and both are hot in demand. However, some people might have trouble choosing the right operating system for themselves. If so, why not use both on the same phone?

Currently, the only phone that is available on the market with such capability is the HTC HD2. A quick search at the XDA Developer forum for the HTC HD2 section will not only show support for WP7 and Android but also other operating systems as well.

The HTC HD2 can be considered one of the most versatile phones that have ever been made by HTC. Even in its early production days, it was unmatched by so many other mobile phones in the market and even today, it is comparable to even the best of phones in its league.

However, those that are interested in changing the operating system should bear in mind that it will void the warranty but then again, you can always recover the old WM6.5 before returning it for repairs. All in all, the HTC HD2 is definitely a phone worth checking out, especially with its lower price than other phones.

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