Xiaomi Phone 2 comes with 720p Sharp display


Usually, people don’t expect much from a phone that is made by a Chinese company but it seems that paying more attention to Xiaomi’s latest offering which is the Xiaomi Phone 2 might be well worth the time. This is because the Xiaomi Phone 2 is a smartphone that is comparable to some of the high-end products that are present in the market today.

The Xiaomi Phone 2 comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 quad-core processor along with a 2GB worth of RAM. As far as storage is concerned, you’ll be getting 16GB storage and that isn’t all. This 4.3-inch device comes with an IPS screen made by Sharp. This is the same manufacturer that Apple uses for their iPhone display as well. Camera wise, you are looking at both an 8MP camera as well as a front-facing 2MP camera as well.

The good news is that the phone will support both China’s DC-HSPA+ as well as the WCDMA network. Which means that you can use this phone at just about anywhere. The price tag for this high-end phone stands at $310 making it a very cheap alternative as well. For its price, it may be the cheapest and powerful phone in its class.

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