Yotaphone 2 May not to be Available in the US


Yotaphone 2Russian smartphone manufacturer, Yota, informed that it is having differences with its manufacturers because of which, launching it is 2 screen handset i.e., Yotaphone 2, in the US no longer remains profitable. Effectively, the company is on the verge of dropping its plans to launch the new dual screen in North America, at least tentatively.


The company received almost $300,000 crowdfunding through Indiegogo. At the time, the company offered the dual screen yotaphone for $500. However, with the plans for 2016 having gone awry, the company is backtracking. Those who provided the funds have an option to buy the device on International market, in which case they will not have LTE support within the US, and may have to settle for services provided by AT&T, and T-Mobile. Alternately, these funders may seek a full refund of their monies.


However, the company has not completely scrapped the plans for launching these gadgets in the US markets. A company spokesperson informed The Verge that it is now on a lookout for partnering new manufacturers.


The smartphone market is witnessing downward trend, thanks to increasing saturation levels. The two screen device would certainly be something to look forward to, especially if it can be used with two different sim cards, and each screen is fairly large. Yota has not yet confirmed plans to stop introducing the product in the US and other North American countries. It has merely indicated its problems and its plans to launch the product in future if the terms with another manufacturer make it feasible.

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