ZTE launches 8 new imminent phones


ZTE has already launched its 3 LTE-toting smartphones in public for Mobile World Congress to be held next week. Now, recently ZTE has revealed that it has 5 more phones lined waiting in the wings for the soon to be held smartphone show. Designed based on Tegra-3, ZTE Mimosa X, N910, and PF200, apart from these devices there are a number of ZTE gadgets having 4G, Android, and Windows Phone 7 in it.

5 mystery phones:

In addition, the mystery regarding these 5 of the phones to be launched well soon continues. Although ZTE has confirmed, that there are going to be digital inclusions like multi-core processors and LTE to provide some of them a distinct look. ZTE also has some cloud computing device surprises to be shown off, but it is still not clear if it will be a consumer-concerned service. Like for instance, the Box Cloud Storage mixed with some of the latest versions of smartphones or something concerned with the operators.

ZTE’s Store bag:

Everyone is eagerly waiting for what ZTE has in stock. If more phones like Mimosa X are in the bag, then the wait is surely going to be fruitful. Tegra 3 chipset can be used only with a few gadgets, one of them being the smartphones. Not only this, smartphones are one of the first gadgets to deploy NVIDIA’s Icern modem as ZTE overtakes its two of the rivals, Qualcomm and TI.

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