ZTE Score Android phone from Cricket Communications


“Cricket Communications” and ZTE which is a leading provider of telecommunications equipments and network solutions has launched a new Smartphone gadget  called ZTE Score. This is the Cricket’s first offerings in the Smartphone sections and it will be available in the market starting September 25th, 2011.

Easy Access with Good Speed

ZTE Score is an ideal offering for the people who are looking to upgrade their phone for speed as well ease of access. It is a fully featured Android phone with host of options and plenty of features which everybody would like to have. Based on Android 2.3 OS platform, the phone is driven by 600 MHz processor speed and has a 3.5 inch wide HVGA touch screen display which is enough capacitive. It also has accelerometer, virtual qwerty keypad, Wi-Fi capability, 3G web browsing, and a 3.2MP camera.

Access to More than 2 Million Android Apps

The phone also provides access to more than 200,000 apps on the Android market, Navigator, Google Maps and many more. The most interesting feature of this phone is Muve Music service which allows the customers to download unlimited song, ringtones and ringback tones. Along with this, the customers would also have unlimited access to various other features like data backup, 411 assistance, text, picture and video messaging and many more.

Priced at $129.90, ZTE score would certainly be one of the most affordable smartphones.



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  1. Dana Rock says:

    I just bought one! Best Buy is selling them on release day (maybe all week) for $89.

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  2. Jamal says:

    How is the phone Dana? 🙂

    Battery life? Speed? Design?

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